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by Redeemed

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Hourglass 03:48
on the verge of the depression in the depths of the despair between the waves that shape the maelstrom at the center of it all i found land where the water meets the sand at last i seem to understand on the edge of every breakdown in the middle of the night between the wonder and the heartache at the end of every song present joy in spite of all the noise it's impossible to lose my voice nothing is better than letting it in swallow the mystery and find what it brings from the deep end to birds flying high in the sky the heart is still inside on the contrary there's sequence in the scheme of understanding between the infinite and dawning at the start of time itself there's a love and a gift for no applause entering where we have lost when i thought i hit the bottom when i thought i had it all i ran right into conclusion got a planet to explore hourglass shattered in the past who would wanna live this fast?
Blindfolded 03:07
noonday demon sings me to sleep and fevered me in love i hear the dove ringing in my ear silencing my fears clothing me in white mirror the Son's light my eyes are open nothing to see here words through the ceiling summoning the lonely thoughts on living the sirens and the killing outside vaguely i hear them calling me by name at times i don't know where i'm going staring blankly ahead or right into the sun i'm blindfolded by my own ideas still there's a million different questions that i should've asked but i lost them when You touched me with the sense in my head there's a place beyond my reason where i'm feeling instead where i'm in awe speechlessly welcoming love to tear me apart to rapture my heart and put the pieces back together till i've got nothing to be sad about or any other doubt that kept my feet on the floor how could i have shut my door?
off in the distance there's another storm i can't bear i feel it coming though it might come from anywhere no every day the cuts are getting deeper still you can't stop it plucking feathers from your beautiful skin blue like the sapphire i feel the contrary to what you think to every restless mind that i have known i never thought i could be so alone looking back i should never have let it live for that long next to the beat inside my heart as if a kid of that age would know the difference between letting go and losing what he loves surely you would not be naive no not like i was you'd carry on without it till the end still i pray to you one more time to reconcile i'll shut my eyes for all there is to see oh my God at last i understand that you abolish every fear after all these years i've found out there is truly no end to God's love
Boundaryless 03:39
from the moment i saw there had been colours painted under a sky intensified by light from the moment i'd walk miles across the land if i were to get lost i knew i'd be guided by your hand his lies were chasing me oh what a snake it is i would run to you 'cause your voice is true telling me softly i love you i chose you i can hold you here tonight after a while you'd be the culprit since i knew i'd become someone unfamiliarized oh God i still sorrow the way that i turned my back at you how could i ever? as you watched my fortress fall i'm a disgrace but you saw through my every flaw how could i ever? i must have lost myself in your love the door is wide open prepared you a room inside my house contaminated i can finally slow down satisfied with all i could find within the boundaryless love of my life
lover of my soul you have shown your colours lightening up the dark in my saddest hours please just come again i wash my hands in uncertainty my sight is getting worse i'm hardly listening but every day my heart grows lighter i am thankfully alive sooner than later i'll be sure but first things first i wanna be with you and tell my demons goodbye now i'm swimming in a lake of stillness with her you show me a way you are never sleeping everywhere i go every breath i breathe in always on my side you guide me i have never felt so free illuminating overcast with one touch of your hand they're all made new again and i know i can trust your spirit he can do the same for me not even the wolves could touch their prey when you show up you give us all you've got yeah you are our only savior Jesus shepherd of my soul you have shown mercy to us all your love is surreal i don't know what to feel when you conquer my heart and my whole being's struck with love surrounded by your song


released November 28, 2018

Special thanks to Alwin van der Knijff for mixing/producing the songs. Thanks to Job Zijlstra for helping out on drums during the recording and Yes Master Studios for mastering.


all rights reserved



Redeemed Zwolle, Netherlands

The work of independent singer-songwriter Redeemed revolves around well-considered texts that delve into the psyche, raise questions and force the listener to stop and reflect. The songs by Redeemed, range from intimate acoustic songs to grandiose climaxes. Among others, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) and Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters) are important sources of inspiration. ... more

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